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AR antireflective glass, high transparency, anti reflection, high-definition, anti reflection optical, ultra white glass

Thickness:2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, etc.
Sizes:Size: 2440*1830mm,3300*2140mm,3300*2440mm,3660*2140mm, 3660*2440mm
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  • Tinted /​Reflective Glass



 Product Description

Anti-Reflective Glass that is reflective glass, also known as anti-reflection glass, is the use of magnetron sputtering on the two surface of the ultra white glass anti reflective film, greatly reducing the surface reflectance of glass, the highest transmittance will reach 99%.  Surface reflection from 8% to below 1%, can reduce the electronic screen video images under ambient light reflective glare problems, greatly improve

the contrast and resolution of flat panel display in strong light environment, at the same time partly improve the brightness of the display.  It is high clear and can moisten eyes.

Tinted Glass bronze glass is an energy-saving decorative material that not only absorbs heat rays from the sun, but also maintains good transparency, and has a bronze color. Only 25% of sunlight can pass through.

Reflective Glass bronze reflective glass is usually made by plating layers of film on the surface of high-quality float glass by physical or chemical methods. The film color makes the product appear bronze.


 Product Picture



 Data Sheet

Coating surface





Glass surface










Size: 2440*1830mm,3300*2140mm,3300*2440mm,3660*2140mm, 3660*2440mm

Thickness: 2mm12mm

Processing type:Edge grinding, grilling, tempering, laminating

Anti-Glare Etched Glass is a unique glass technique meant to reduce the inconvenient and bothersome issue of glare on display panels. This revolutionary glass solution is designed to provide great visibility and functionality, making it an excellent alternative for anybody looking for a better digital experience.

Clear Image: 98% visible light transmittance, less than 1% surface reflectance,hardly see the glass when looking at something through it.
Energy-saving: Ultra high visible light transmittance keeps the original luminance of LCD,PDP and reduces energy consumption.
Abrasive resistance and scratch proof: The hardness of film layer is higher than 7H,corresponding to glass(Generally hardness of PC board is between 2H to 3H).
Low ultraviolet transmittance: Strong reduction of ultraviolet transmittance in spectral region can effectively prevent eyes from being hurt by ultraviolet.
High temperature resistance: AR glass temperature resistance is higher than 500 ºC(generally, acrylic glass can only withstand 80ºC)

Appearance: The surface smoothness of AR glass is much better than coated acrylic glass, and the larger the size, the more obvious the difference.


1. Interlay paper between two sheets

2. Seaworthy wooden crates

3. Iron belt for consolidation


 Where can use anti-reflective glass?

The price of AR glass is higher than float glass and ultra-clear glass. It’s generally used in high-end places or technical instruments, such as:

Museum showcases,

Jewelry display cabinets,

Luxury showrooms,

High-end display windows or cabinets,

Picture frames,

Optical devices and equipment,

Outdoor display equipment,

Modern agricultural intelligent greenhouses,

Airports, Observation hall glass…

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 Company Profile

Shahe city Luck Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Is located in the world’s “Glass City” - Shahe city, Hebei province, China, Which is near to Beijing city and Tianjin. It only takes you around 2 hours from Beijing to our city by high-speed train. There are around 50 containers been sent to our customers from Tianjin port each month.

Luck Glass Co. specializes in the manufacture and supply of various of furniture glass products and have engaged in this line for 5 years. We are dedicated to provide advanced glass solution for architectural,decorative and residential uses.

Our main products are enamelled glass, tempered titanium coated glass, tempered lacquered glass, tempered shower room door etc.  The sales markets have covered over sixty countries, including Korea, Russia, Canada, America and New Zealand. We has established long cooperation with customer from the united state, Australia,Vietnam,India and Iraq...


 Production Process




Three weeks after order confirmation.


 Why choose us?

1, Consistently super quality and competitive price.

2, Continuously develop new design and new technology for customers.

3, No matter how big or how small quantity, our team will offer you 100% good service.

4, Perfect pre-sale and after-sale service.

5, Customized glass color and design available.

6, Strict quality control before shipment .

7, Very short lead time and fast delivery.

8, Safety wood crate packing

9, Refund and replacement for production faulty

We expect to establish long-term business relationship with your esteemed company. Welcome you visit us warmly.



Shahe City Luck Glass Technology Co.,Ltd

Add:1034 Jingguang Road, Shahe City, Hebei Province, China



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