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How to Loading Glass to 20 Open Top Container?

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Shahe City Luck glass Co., Ltd. is mainly professional in Decorative glass and Mirror.

Our main products include float  glass ,tinted glass,tempered glass patterned glass,fused glass,engraved glass,dichroic glass,temperable Painted glass, and mirrors.

Sheets like Clear Float Sheet Glass, Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass, Tinted Color Glass (Gray Float Glass, Black Float Glass, Bronze Float Glass, Pink Float Glass, Yellow Float Glass Sheets).

For glass is Special Heavy Products, so safety is the most important thing when we delivery glass, loading and unloading glass. We usually loaded 26.5 tons each 20 GP container for Coastal Port and 25 tons for Inland Port. 20 OT Container will be loaded less than 25 tons.

Choosing 20 OT Container or 20GP Container that depends on the size of your glass, the following is about our glass sizes for different container.

Container 20'GP 20' OT
Glass Size 1650mm * 2440mm;1830mm * 2440mm;2134mm * 3300mm;2140mm * 3300mm;1220mm * 1830mm;2134mm * 3600mm;2140mm * 3600mm

2440mm * 3300mm; 2600mm * 3300mm;3050mm * 4300mm;3050mm * 4880mm;3660mm * 4300mm;3300mm * 4500mm;can be customized as you need

First Step, prepare the material and tools;


All Glass is packaged with Safety Plywood Crates:

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Groove for Loading:

Second Step, Loading the prepared glass into the container with Overhead Crane and fixed the glass with Iron Wire.

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There will be 10 crates for one container, so it can maintain stability when shipped.

Third Step, fixing two layers tarpulin, for all glass is with Safety Plywood Packages, so 3 times protection for glass with Open Top Container;


Last Step, Locked Container;

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Please feel free to contact us for more questions about Glass Products, LUCK Glass persue long time cooperations and we will do our best to provide you the Top Quality Glass with best price.