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Our enamelled glass is available in different finishes that give richness and value to the designs created with those surfaces: from rough textures with relief to shiny polished with linear reflections. A complete a repertoire to stimulate the sight and touch.


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Our enamelled glass faithfully interprets the wood ,enhancing its own characteristics to create cozy and serene spaces.

In combination with the innate durability properties of our enamelled glass, this provides an innovative aesthetic and technical response. 


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Finish with a rough texture and relief that evokes sensations to the touch.
Honed texture typical of natural stones: flat,soft,without any glassiness and completely matte.


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Luck Glass Co. specializes in the manufacture and supply of various of furniture glass products and have engaged in this line for 5 years. We are dedicated to provide advanced glass solution for architectural,decorative and residential uses. 


Official Website:http://www.luckglass.com/


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