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【LUCK GLASS]How to distinguish silver mirror from aluminum mirror

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Silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors have different resolution

The paint on the surface of the silver mirror is darker than the paint on the aluminum mirror, while the paint on the opposite aluminum mirror is lighter.

The silver mirror is much clearer than the aluminum mirror, and the geometrical Angle of object light source reflection is more standard.

Aluminum mirror has low reflectance, the reflection performance of common aluminum mirror is about 70%, the shape and color are easy to distort, short life and poor corrosion resistance, which have been completely eliminated in European and American countries.

However, aluminum mirror is easy to mass production, raw materials are also relatively low cost.


Silver mirror and aluminum mirror back coating is different

Generally, the silver mirror is protected by two or more layers of paint.

Scraping part of the protective paint off the surface of the mirror glass if the underlying proof of copper color is a silver mirror and the proof of silver white is an aluminum mirror.Generally, the back coating of silver mirror is dark grey, while the back coating of aluminum mirror is light grey.

Silver mirror and aluminum mirror have different brightness on the front

Silver mirror is dark bright, dark color deep.Aluminum mirror is white light, color drift.

Accordingly silver glass sheet will differentiate from color: the color that the back appears is gray, the color of the front color is abstruse, send dark bright.

Put the two together, shiny and white, are aluminum mirrors.

The active surfaces of silver mirror and aluminum mirror are different

Silver is a non-active metal, aluminum is an active metal, and over time aluminum will oxidize and lose its color and turn grey, silver will not, and more simply you can try it with dilute hydrochloric acid, aluminum is very reactive, silver is very slow.

Silver mirror is more waterproof and moisture-proof than aluminum mirror, shine more clearly and brightly, generally used in the bathroom or something wet place than aluminum mirror.

There are three major differences between silver mirror glass and aluminum mirror glass: the appearance of silver mirror and aluminum mirror is very similar, but the material cost of making silver mirror is significantly higher than that of aluminum mirror. Not only that, in terms of labor cost, the manufacturing process of silver mirror is also more complicated, and the price and texture will certainly be different.

Specifically, silver mirror is a component of silver electroplating, while aluminum mirror uses metallic aluminum.

The price of silver mirror is much higher than the price of aluminum mirror, the cost of aluminum mirror is low, also full of durable, do not put the bathroom to want to put in dry place namely, using silver mirror to use when dressing mirror general price is about 60-70 yuan/square metre, price of aluminium mirror is about 40-60 yuan/square metre.

In terms of brightness, silver mirror has better refraction performance than aluminum mirror, and it will appear brighter under the same light intensity.



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