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【LUCK GLASS】Introduction And Variety Of Patterned Glass

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Embossed glass/Patterned glass is also known as decorative glass or rolled glass, generally divided into embossed glass, vacuum coating glass and color film embossed glass several categories.One - sided embossed glass has the characteristics of light transmission rather than perspective, and the privacy.As bathroom, toilet door window glass should pay attention to its embossed surface outward.

Ultra - clear embossed glass is a new class of embossed glass.Ultra-clear embossed glass is mainly used in solar cell encapsulation glass, which is an indispensable component of solar photovoltaic cells.

It adopts ore raw materials with extremely low iron content to replace common glass ore, adopts the same process as common embossed glass to produce, uses special embossed roller to press special pyramid pattern on the surface of super white glass to come out the embossed glass with low iron content, high light transmittance and low reflectivity.

As for the most used 3.2mm and 4mm float glass in China, the sunlight transmittance generally reaches 90%~92%.


Glass's Patterns: Diamond; Mistlite; Oceanic; Chinchilla; Nashiji; Masterlinge; Puzzle; Longcross; Flora; Moru; May Flower; Aqualite; Grain; Net; Traingless; Irregular Squares; Hishicross; Semi-sand; Sand flow; Hundred Fu; Bamboo; Yozore; Kasumi; Rich; Plait; Millenium; Bubble; Water; Garoque; Granite; Flutelite; Crystal; Dragonlite; Galaxy; Hibiscus; Fernlite; Flame; Helix; Leaves; Gonshi; Rose; Raindown; etc.



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