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Coated glass,also known as Reflective glass,is plating the film with one or more of metal, alloy, or metal compound on the glass surface to satisfy the particular requirement with changing the optical property.The reflective glass can classify as heat reflective glass,Low -E glass and ITO glass.The most popular application are heat reflective glass and Low-E glass.

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Heat reflective glass

The heat reflective glass is plating a film with one or more of chromium,titanium and some metals or their compounds on the glass surface,Therefore,the heat reflective glass also known as sun-controlled glass.It is mainly used in buildings and glass curtain wall.

Low-E reflective glass

The low-E glass is plating a film with more of silver,copper ,stannum and some metals or their metal compounds on the glass surface.However,because of the poor strength of the film,the low-E glass is generally made into hollow glass.It is mainly used in building,automobiles,ships and other vehicles.

ITO glass

The ITO glass is plating a film with ITO or other electric material on the glass surface.It is mainly used for glass heating,defrosting,fogging and LCD.

Properties of coated Glass

1)Better unidirectional perspective function and higher mirror reflection effect;

2)Solar transmittance;

3) Protection of privacy: due to the reflection of coated glass limits the throughput of visible light,which is the strong side of the light can not see the weak side;

4)Durable properties: the metal compounds used in the film are firmly bonded to the glass, which can effectively improve the chemical stability and service life of the glass.

5)It has higher reflectivity to infrared part of solar energy, higher absorption rate to ultraviolet ray part,reducing the furniture dyes excessively, and saving energy consumption of air conditioning in house.


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