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【LUCK】What Types of Laminated Glass Are There? What Types of Laminated Glass Are There?

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What types of laminated glass are there? What types of laminated glass are there?

Laminated glass is a safety glass made by processing glass and film with high temperature and high pressure. It can be used in doors and windows of various buildings, curtain walls of high-rise buildings, interior partitions, skylight ceiling design, suspended ceilings, etc. It is widely used and is one of the glass materials that designers love. Laminated glass has a complex process and many processing materials. So what are the main types of laminated glass?

夹胶2Ultra-white laminated glass

1. Laminated glass can be divided into PVB laminated, SGP laminated, EVA, PU, etc. according to the type of film. SGP film is better than PVB film in quality, and its mechanical properties are twice that of PVB film of the same thickness. SGP film has good resistance to moisture, the yellowing coefficient is less than 1.5, and the tear strength is 5 times that of PVB; ultra-white double tempered laminated glass has higher light transmittance than ordinary white laminated glass, the glass will not turn green, and the light transmittance is more than 99%.


Silk sandwich glass

2. According to the different materials of the middle sandwich, it can be divided into: wire sandwich, painting sandwich, paper sandwich, cloth sandwich, plant sandwich, silk sandwich, etc. The materials of the sandwich sandwich are different, the price is naturally different, and the places of use are also different.


Colored/Tinted laminated glass

3. According to the color of the glass, it is divided into ordinary white, ultra-white, color, etc. PVB color can be transparent, milky white, blue, dark gray, light green, brown, etc. Thickness customization range: 0.38-3.04mm; PVB film large size: 2440mm×6000mm, small size: 300mm×300mm.


Multilayer laminated glass

4. According to the different interlayer bonding methods, it can be divided into mixed laminated glass, dry laminated glass, and hollow laminated glass(www.luckglass.com). Dry laminated glass production method: PVB film (polyvinyl butyral as the main component) is placed between two pieces of glass, and then placed in an autoclave for high temperature and high pressure reaction to completely release the bubbles and air inside the glass, and the glass is completed in one go. Wet laminated glass is to pour synthetic resin fireproof glue between two pieces of glass, and then use the physical method of ultraviolet baking to dry the colloid to obtain laminated glass bonded together.

5. According to the thickness of the glass, it can be divided into double-layer, triple-layer and more layers. Double-layer is the most frequently used type, while triple-layer laminated glass can be made into ordinary laminated glass or bulletproof glass. The more layers of glass there are, the stronger the anti-smash and impact resistance, the higher the safety, the heavier the weight, and the more difficult the installation.