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Factory sell best prices decorative corrugated cast fluted pattern glass sheets for partitions 
1. Design is rich, satisfied people to decorate the pursuit of style diversity and aesthetic feeling.
2.  Rich and colorful pattern designs, the texture is of strong three-dimensional sense
3. Good sound-absorbing effect
4. Easy to process: Tempering, laminating, drilling holes, hand polishing, bending, notching and shape cuts.
5. Engineering Projects
6. Flexible processing
Signage, booth dividers, doors, windows, decorative glass walls, tabletops, fountains, light sconces, vases and ornamental details.
Residential decoration
Sidelite and transom windows, tabletops, room dividers, privacy windows, works of art, bathroom and kitchen countertops, sinks, and shower enclosures.
Engineering Construction
The thickness depends on diffrerent applications, please contact us for your bespoke projects.
Glass of choices: normal clear, low iron, tinted glass etc.

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