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High-tech independent research and development product, like jade ,noble and elegance.Rich color, delicate texture, diversified varieties, nonopaque and opaque effects, can meet the different needs, suitable for decoration of all kinds of taste
Not weathering and corrosion resistance performance is good, indoor and outdoor both can be used.
Do not absorb moisture, easy to clean, resistance to pollution.
And its gloss eternal, texture like jade,and nobly elegant.
After installation, the water will not penetrate into the jade glass stone.
But stone is easy to  adsorb dirt permanent surface chromatism.
Inorganic materials forging rather than organic chemical resin products, and therefore not aging, gloss permanent, never fade.
Building interior decoration
Processing performance is good, easy to cutting, edge grinding, drilling, laminated processing, also be processed at the scene of the construction.
Furniture decoration
Thickness:12mm-30mm, normal thickness is 20mm
Size: 1200*2400mm, 1400*3000mm, can be cut as your request. .

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