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Enamelled glass | Decorative Arts | Outdoor Furniture

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Product Name I Enamelled Tempered Glass
Glass Size l 1830*2440.1650*2200.1220*1830.1220*3660.Custom size . 
Thickness | 4-12mm

Application I Tea table, table top, door, background wall, etc

 HYL17-2  LK-HYL53  HYL38-2

HYL17-2                     LK-HYL53                   HYL38-2





HW02-1  HYM14-2  HYM08-2

HW02-1                      HYM14-2                      HYM08-2


The use of cutting-edge technology, to create a healthy and environmentally friendly glass products, glazed glass, and natural color, to create a comfortable and perfect environment for you

HYL10-2  HYM06-2  HYM12-2

HYL10-2                     HYM06-2                      HYM12-2


Application: Tea table top,Dining table top, Wine cabinet door,TV Cabinet door,kitchen cabinet door,Splashback, Background wall,Partition,Bathroom wall etc.


HD20-2  HDG03-1 LK-HDY06

LK-HD20-2                LK- HDG03-1                   LK-HDY06









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