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Enamelled glass | decorative arts | indoor furniture

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Product Name|Enamelled Tempered Glass


Glass Size1830*2440,1650*2200,1220*1830,1220*3660,Custom size




Product StyleModern, Nordic, fashionable, natural


ApplicationTea table top,Dining table top,Wine cabinet door,TV Cabinet door,Kitchen cabinet door,Splashback,Background wall,Partition,Bathroom wall etc.

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No matter how big or how small quantity, our team will offer you 100% good service.

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LK-HDW01                  HDE10-1                          HD20-2

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The use of glass materials makes the picture style present a new dimension and color, with three-dimensional details and radiant colors, which has a rich and moving space decoration effect.


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LK-HXQ18                        HYL58-2                          HYL55-2 

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Luck Glass Co. specializes in the manufacture and supply of various of furniture glass products and have engaged in this line for 5 years. We are dedicated to provide advanced glass solution for architectural,decorative and residential uses. 


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