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LUCK 8mm tempered glass for shower room made in China

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Tempered Glass is made by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature anc suddenly chilling with jets of cold air,which to change the mechanical intensity strength and the stability of glass.

Product Description

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         Shahe city Luck Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Is located in the world’s “Glass City” - Shahe city, Hebei province, China, Which is near to Beijing city and Tianjin. It only takes you around 2 hours from Beijing to our city by high-speed train. There are around 50 containers been sent to our customers from Tianjin port each month.          Luck Glass Co. specializes in the manufacture and supply of various of furniture glass products and have engaged in this line for 5 years. We are dedicated to provide advanced glass solution for architectural,decorative and residential uses.          Our main products are enamelled glass, tempered titanium coated glass, tempered lacquered glass, tempered shower room door etc.  

        The sales markets have covered over sixty countries, including Korea, Russia, Canada, America and New Zealand. We has established long cooperation with customer from the united state, Australia,Vietnam,India and Iraq...

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