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【LUCK GLASS】Special Self-Cleanness Green Jade Glass

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Jade glass is a rare high-grade green building decoration materials, like jade wins jade high-tech new materials, decorative effect is refreshing, elegant to meet the modern society on the green, luxury and distinguished demand.

Innovations of Jade Glass:

1) Break through the traditional continuous rolling molding process, using the world’s most advanced float process technology, which is the world’s pioneer and achieve the emulsified building decorative sheet molding process of technological revolution;

2) According to the characteristics of the process of float processing to re-design formula, so that the solution plate in the tin tank float on the media to complete the leveling, polishing, forming the float process to achieve the purpose of float molding;

3) According to the characteristics of float process technology to carry out technological transformation of the furnace structure, the development of new melting process to meet the float process technology requirements.

As we know, Jade Glass is a wonderful glass and the capability of Jade Glass as following:

1) Jade glass is a rare high-grade green building decoration material, its decorative effect and elegant style is refreshing, and it can meet the modern society on the green, luxury and distinguished demand;

2) The thickness of jade glass reducing the load on the building and cutting down the costs of construction;

3) The characteristics of natural rhyme, no difference color, zero water absorption and the gloss of 95 enhance the building’s self-cleaning function and keep the newness of the building. And it can enhance its function and make it more secure after the jade glass is tempered. Other glasses can not get those features.

4) The white jade glass can effectively enhance the brightness of the subway channel and elevator and reduce the power consumption.

5) It takes the simple bending process to produce cylindrical method instead of natural stone production arc plate, curved panels which need cutting, grinding to solve the time-consuming, consumption of materials, waste of resources;

6) The background wall, craft screens, plaques and other products which are carved by the jade glass will show the texture and three-dimensional of the jade, and people can feel its bright, refined and luxurious style.

7) The performance of deep-processing of jade glass is a miracle in the sanitary products.The pots produced by jade glass is clear, bright and natural, and it have a better quality.

8)The performance of zero water absorption and high glossiness of jade glass can prevent the breeding of bacteria and viruses effectively, and it is applied to the dining-table, tea table, the mesa of ambry. And its 100% anti-pollution capacity can increase the cleansing effect to keep the newness of the mesa, and it is better able to satisfy the needs of the hospital, chemical engineering, research laboratory and other special environment.

9) The tombstone which are made by jade glass is characterized by its crystal texture and soft color, and it can enhance the imaging clarity.

So it is one of much better building materials in buildings.

Widely used in kitchen, washroons, and its application effect is as following shows:

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the product has a translucent and opaque series with a variety colors to be choosed, but it also has a unique acid and alkali corrosion resistance, especially for theaters, laboratories, food production plants, buildings, the exhibition hall, banks, hotels and other high-grade building interior and exterior veneer. The jade glass after hot processing can be used for building outside the veneer, it also can be processed into sanitary ware, home decoration which is a substitute for natural stone of the new high-end decoration materials. Besides, the production process does not produce “three wastes”, the waste products and scraps can be recycled. The jade glass is a Class A decoration materials at the testing of National Building Materials Industry Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Supervision and Testing Center.

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