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「LUCK Home Glass」Enamelled Tempered Glass
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「LUCK Home Glass」Enamelled Tempered Glass

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-05      Origin: Site Inquire

LUCK Home GlassEnamelled Tempered Glass



Only 7kg/m2 (1.4lb/sqft) in the 4mm glass slab and 30kg/m 2(6.14lb/sqft) in the 12 mm glass slab.

The thin and light desktop gives a visually retractable effect, and the appearance is more compact. It matches the modern and simple home style.


Coffee table

Can be placed in any place, such as: living room/bedroom/study, etc., combined with various furniture; there are a variety of color options


 Hundreds of designs for your choose, custom design also available.

「Kitchen Design」Enamelled Tempered Glass Furniture

LUCK fused glass interior decoration


Official Website:http://www.luckglass.com/


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