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【LUCKGLASS】Accept Customized Your Glass

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-26      Origin: Site


Glass is different from other products which is very covenience to customized. Here let's discuss the price influence for customized glass:

1. Size and Thickness

The thickness and size is the basic factor of the price. The size and thickness of the glass are different,the raw materials consumed are different and the price is different. However, when customizing Ultra-thin Large-size Glass, the price will rise. The Ultra-thin Glass is very fragile in production and transportation, and the breakage rate is high, especially on the shore,so the price will definitely be high.

2. Performance and Demand

Tempered Glass, Bulletproof Glass, Coated Glass etc. different glass properties mean that the manufacturer's deep processing procedures are different, that is why the price is definitely different.

3. Deep Processing

Glass punching, slotting, bending, profiled and other processing methods,it is not affected by these factors if it is Sheet Glass, but if deep processing is required, any process means there are costs inside.

4. Order Quantity

There is almost no factory accept several glass for you, the quantity will be favorable and the large quantity can save the production capacity of the glass factory, and the cost can be much lower.

5.Business products

Float glass/Ultra white glass, Coated glass/Reflective glass, Colored glass, JINJING Patterned glass, Tempered glass, Laminated glass, Cast glass/Fused glass, Colored mirror, Tempered mirror, Antique mirror etc.