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【LUCKGLASS】Characteristics and applications of patterned glass

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Patterned/Embossed glass, refers to the uneven surface of the glass pattern, also known as knurled glass, belonging to a flat glass, the main method for the roller method. The characterized by opacity is transparent, it is a good anti-privacy glass.

Patterned/Embossed glass features

Embossed glass is mainly used for bathroom, partitions, glass doors, glass windows and other places, compared to the ordinary traditional flat glass, the light but opaque, decorative, practical.

1. Patterned/Embossed glass perspective performance is weak, because of the distance, different patterns are not the same. In accordance with the pattern of technology, divided into three-dimensional sense of embossed glass, embossed glass, and film embossed glass. According to the test, the transmittance of the embossed glass is about 60%, and the pattern can be diffused, so that the decoration is very strong and the visual effect is good.


2. Different patterns of Figured pattern glass is used the different processing type, so patterns are more decorative, designs which can suit for different styles of decoration.

3.Most of the glass for the interior wall of the room, windows, bathroom living cut off, used to block the line of sight, so pay attention to some issues when  installation.

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Patterned/Embossed glass, Usage Precautions

1.The emboss the side should be installed on the inside if installed in the interior decoration, because the embossed glass has a characteristic that the water will easily make the glass affected, and then become translucent to  enhanced perspective performance. And as a bathroom door or window decoration, it need pattern outward, so that water soaked.

2.Embossed pattern glass perspective depends on the type of performance, such as diamond or square pattern glass, close to the inside is easy to see, the privacy will not be strong.

3.Figured glass is not only suitable for anti-privacy, in fact, beautiful performance is also very strong, suitable for screens, lamps and other handicrafts, it is a strong decorative under the lighting effect.


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