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Luck glass | Every family needs a "Guardian"

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-03-05      Origin: Site



In the daily home life, "health" and "comfort" are topics that have always attracted much attention.

Let us deeply understand the significance of health, LUCK GLASS is determined to create environmentally friendly and healthy products for you


If you want to have an environmentally friendly home environment, first of all, try to avoid harmful substances from the source and choose more environmentally friendly decoration materials. At this time, LUCK GLASS turned into a "guardian" and went online quickly in a very unusual time!



Indoor air pollution is an invisible killer of home health, especially caused by interior decoration materials. Air formaldehyde pollution and radiation are extremely harmful. Therefore, LUCK GLASS launched colored glaze glass, which is 100% natural and its color will not fade It will not produce harmful substances and pollute the air.




Some stains are inevitable in daily life. A product with good antifouling effect can save a lot of troubles.

At this time, the glazed glass once again showed his strength, and any water stains could not remain on its surface.

Just one touch will make it as clean as new, no special maintenance required



1Luck glass creates a comfortable and fresh air environment for you. Build your home into a fortress of health and safety.