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Teach you to install the cabinet door

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Many people choose to install a wider selection of cabinet doors when decorating the kitchen, but how to install them, what should be paid attention to during the installation process? Do you know?

The installation of the cabinet includes the installation of the cabinet, the hanging cabinet, the countertop, the hardware, etc. Whether the installation of the cabinet is in place not only directly related to the beauty of the cabinet, but also relates to the satisfactory use in the future. Therefore, the cabinet must be installed in a certain order, and the necessary details must be handled.

How to install the cabinet door?

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1, After the installation of the entire cabinet is completed, the installation of the cabinet door is an indispensable step in the cabinet project. During the installation process, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the fitting between each cabinet is perfect. 

2, in the design of cabinet installation, the designers will draw a baseline in the installation location, so that the construction staff can check exactly to ensure each individual cabinet neat. Of course, it is also necessary to Install cabinet door according to the baseline.

3, in the process of cabinet door installation, a lot of screws are needed , then of course, the construction personnel must ensure that each screw can not be missed, otherwise it can not guarantee the use of the cabinet door. Even it will be separated in advance, affecting the ensemble of the kitchen cabinet.

4, the hinge is equivalent to the lock of the cabinet door, but the hinge and the general door lock are very different in structure. The hinge is mainly reaching the effect of opening the door through light pressure, and the hinge is installed in the back of cabinet door.

5, After installing cabinet door panel, the first thing to notice is whether the door panel is flat, and secondly, each door panel is not damaged, such as scratches that are accidentally left during the installation.

6, After installing cabinet door panel, it is necessary to check whether there is dust inside the interlayer, because the cabinet is used to store pots and pans, oil and salt sauce vinegar and other kitchen supplies, so the interlayer of the cabinet must be clean, but many families just notice the cleaning of the cabinet surface.

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Tips in the process of installing the cabinet door

1, It is a good choice to measure the cabinet of Using a wall or interlayer. Because it can ensure the effective use of space without deformation. However, the top and bottom levels must be horizontal and the sides should be vertical. If there is any error, the height difference between the left and right sides of the hole should be less than 5 mm.

2, We can use the debugging system to decrease the error of the bottom wheel of the cabinet . When the rail is installed, the size of the rail should be reserved for the cabinet. The upper and lower rails are reserved for a folding door of 8 cm and a sliding door of 10 cm.

3, the installation of the cabinet door professionally is generally completed by professionals, the steps are: first,fix the top rail, the front side of rail and the cabinet surface are at grade, the upper and lower rails are placed in a reserved position; Two doors are installed in the track, and using a horizontal ruler or a straight ruler to check the verticality of the door, and adjust the position of the upper and lower rails and fix the cabinet; again, Through adjusting the wheel to check whether the cabinet is parallel to both sides