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Tempered Bifolding Doors and Windows
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Tempered Bifolding Doors and Windows

Sound insulation/High quality multi sealing strip and insulation glass, so that LUCK GLASS has more obvious effect than ordinary windows sound insulation. Heat insulation / Pure wood material and LOW-E coated glass, with warm and multiple edge sealing strip, let the whole windows warm insulation effect is much higher than ordinary door and windows. Beautiful: Pure nature wood material, nature and delicate texture, give you a different texture and decorative effect, multi color and multi wood to be chosen. Durable/ Import door and windows hardware, comfortable , portable, durable. Anti UV/bullet proof/security/typhoon/sun shading As long as you want, we almost can help you achieve.
Product Description

The total thickness of the window sash can reach 98mm, strong anti Strike ability, high strength and good toughness, and ensure the safety of the family, Austria(MACO) 4mm gap hardware, mushroom head lock point,fully meet the RC2 level anti-theft standard.

Glass configuration uses SL180(G)+12Ar warm+5C(G)+12Ar warm +5C(G), Tyno wind warm edge grid, indoor heat preservation and energy saving performance is more superior.Can be selected with the organ type invisible screen window, external electric rolling curtain.

Opening method There are opening ways of fixing, level, down-suspending, level up-suspending.sliding up-suspending, folding and electric controlling, etc.

Glass configuration

Glass configuration Heat transmission coefficient
5+9A+5 3
5LOW-E+9A+5 2.1
5LOW-E+9A+5LOW-E 1.96
5+12A+5 2.8
5LOW-E+12A+5 1.8
5LOW-E+12A+5LOW-E 1.66
5+9A+5+9A+5 1.91
5LOW-E+9A+5+9A+5 1.54
5LOW-E+9A+5+9A+5LOW-E 1.26
5+12A+5+12A+5 1.77
5LOW-E+12A+5+12A+5 1.38
5LOW-E+12A+5+12A+5LOW-E 1.1

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