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The Loading Situations of Patterned Glass and Dichroic glass from SHAHE CITY LUCK GLASS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-02-19      Origin: Site


Sheet Float Patterned Glass and Dichroic glass is very Fragile and Breakable. So the Safety Loading Situations and the Safety Wooden Packages are very important when  Glass shipped by sea.

Here let us share the loading sictuations of LUCK GLASS:




The size of our Glass is as following:

1650mm * 2440mm;1830mm * 2440mm;2134mm * 3300mm;2140mm * 3300mm;2440mm * 3300mm;2134mm * 3600mm;2140mm * 3600mm;2440mm * 3660m etc.

Packing details:

1.)       Interlay moldproof paper between two sheets

2.)       Seaworthy   wooden crates or plywood

3.)       Iron   belt for consolidation

4.)       Or   packed by hard carton one by one according to your requirements

The width (highth) of glass less than 2140mm can be shipped by 20ft Closed Container and there we can arrange 9 cases or 10 cases for each 20' GP.