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Double-open type,vertical hinged-open type,sturdy and durable.
The metal mesh is integrated with the door frame, with strong resistance, high strength, good toughness and high safety performance.
The metal mesh surface is treated with classical spraying, and the weather-resistance is strong.

Product Description


●The open way is flexible and diverse, the overall thickness is moderate, strong applicability


●Shape from the traditional, skilled, easy to use.

●Grille can be installed with different decorative style







The quality of wood determines the quality of wood windows, WonderMe insisted on the origin of timber imports.Select the Germany knocka wood that through the German IFT quality certification authority, with FSC and PEFC green environmental protection certification . To ensure the growth of wood in 30-50 years - is the best time to grow wood products.Solid wood window frame is composed of laminated solid wood materials, laminated wood can be made into different shapes according to needs, compared with solid wood, cracking, deformation, tensile and compressive properties, experiments show that 1.5 times the strength of solid wood

●Solid wood texture beautiful natural, rich texture, enhance the overall quality of the home.

●The thermal conductivity coefficient of the solid wood window frame is much lower than that of other types of window frames, which can effectively reduce the heat conduction velocity. Wood can reflect more than 90% of the incident sound, with the effect of noise reduction

●Wood absorption property is high,impact resistance. Wood material is soft and more security .Wood has the humidity control function.

Above is the wood material common characteristics, but according to the different wood, the performance is different, not all wood is suitable for doors and windows , only to meet the requirements of the wood is used for our windows and doors, our wood include larch, Pinus sylvestris and red oak.


High visible light transmittance, light selecting natural, clear and transparent. High medium infrared reflectivity. excellent thermal insulation performance. Low-E glass is prepared by vacuum magnetron sputtering on the high quality float glass substrate, and the special metal film is coated, and to form a coating glass with different optical and thermal properties.Can effectively reduce The solar absorption or control the energy loss, The far infrared heat radiation can be ref lected by 50%-80%, and at the same time, most of the visible light can pass through.


The mechanical strength is 3 to 4 times as much as the ordinary glass Can withstand 300 degrees of temperature difference. The glass is broken into small pieces of honeycomb obtuse particles will not cause significant harm to the human body. Tempered glass is the glass that the ordinary.glass by heating and quenching to achieve the strong uniform compress i ve stress, the mechanical strength fold increases with the glass surface compressive stress up to 90Mpa (equivalent to 900 atmospheric pressure)

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