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What is enamelled glass ?

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ENAMELLED GLASS is a kind of decorative glass product with abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, which is made by printing inorganic glaze (also called ink) on the surface of glass, then by drying, tempering or heat treatment, the glaze is permanently sintered on the surface of glass. 

This product is highly functional and decorative. It has many different colors and patterns, such as stripes, netting and electrical patterns. You can also design patterns according to the different needs of customers. 


♢ Cheaper and easier to install than other materials such as brick, stone or wood.

♢ Color, various patterns (generally can be customized according to customer requirements), choose a wide range. In the curtain wall combination it can contrast other glass or color matching.

♢ Glazed glass can be installed on the support structure.

♢ It has no absorption, no penetration and is easy to clean.


♢The color glaze is an inorganic glaze with the same glass material. It does not fade or peel off, so the original color is consistent with the life of the building.

♢Glazes are easy to accept non-rigid adhesives used to isolate the back of the arch.

♢The glaze absorbs and reflects part of the solar heat and has energy-saving effects.


♢ Can be coated, laminated, synthetic hollow and other composite processing, to obtain special properties for other purposes.

♢ After tempering, the final product has good mechanical properties, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance, and higher safety performance.

♢ The shading effect is obvious.







♢ Commercial & hospitality

Glass curtain walls, fountains, doors, room dividers, tabletops, reception desks, glass mural walls and signage.

♢ Restaurants

Signage, booth dividers, doors, windows, decorative glass walls, tabletops, fountains, light sconces, vases and ornamental details.

 ♢ Residential

Sidelite and transom windows, tabletops, room dividers, privacy windows, works of art, bathroom and kitchen countertops, sinks, and shower enclosures.

 ♢ Furniture

Contemporary designer furniture such as tables and fire screens by Meltdown artists. Fabrication of custom commissioned furniture.

 ♢ Liturgical

Church and chapel windows, room dividers, religious theme art screens, baptism bowls and religious art work.