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What is laminated glass?

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What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is the construction of two lites of galsss bonde toghether by an adhesive material- typically polyvinyl butrol (PVB).This invisible PVBlayer is designed to keep the glass integral to the structure upon breakage,rather than allowing the glass to shatter into otherwise large,sharp,and dangerous piedes.PVB also dulls the edges of broken shards of glass,significantly lowering the risk of injury.After undergoing a series of heating and pressing,The two lites of glass and PVB interlayer become one solid,durable glass construction.


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Thickness 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,5.5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm

Min size: 300*300m

mMax size: 2440*3660mm

any other size can be produced as per customer’s requirement.

Feature Smooth and flat surface and good vision
Market More than 100 countries on 6 continents (Latin America, America, Europe, Mid-east, Africa, Asia, etc.
  1. Windows,doors,

  2.  Skylights and canopies,

  3. . Glass stairs,balustrades,

  4. . Automotive windshield,

  5. . Facades and curtain walls

Package Sea worthy wooden crate with interlayer paper
Samples Clear Float Glass samples can be offered for FREE!
Delivery time 15 days

1.Safety:Anti-theft and Anti-riot.The fragment of broken glass will bu stick on the PVB film,Which will protect people free of harm

2.Energy saving:there is a good insulating performance, saving energy;
 3.Sound insulation:middle layer have cushion on the ultrasonic vibration of       sound, so as to achieve sound insulation effect;
 4.Laminated glass with UV blocking function, delay the fade of indoor furniture and decoration


Windows, doors,Skylights and canopies,
Glass stairs, balustrades,Automotive windshield,Facades and curtain walls