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    Enamelled Tempered Glass
    Finish with a rough texture and relief that evokes sensations to the touch.
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    Luck Cast Glass
    Cast glass, also known as crystal three-dimensional art glass or cast glass, is a glass hot-processing process, that is, the flat glass is melted and recessed into the mold.
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    Tempered shower room glass
    For living rooms, Kitchen rooms, halls etc, we have many types of sliding doors. We can design for you, just pls tell us your requirement. 
  • Temperable dichroic glass
  • Patterned Glass
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Shahe city Luck Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Is located in the world’s “Glass City” - Shahe city, Hebei province, China, Which is near to Beijing city and Tianjin. 
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Shahe city, Hebei province, China
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