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Customized design Cast glass
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Customized design Cast glass

Hot melting glass is made from putting the sheet glass and inorganic colorant into the melting furnace, and setting the specific heat procedure and annealing curve. After the glass is heated to the soften point, the special forming block will compression molding the glass into given shape and suddenly annealing to make the finished product. The merit of Hot bending glass is obviously, such as: plentiful pattern, good third dimension and gorgeous decoration. It has solved the stiff and monotonous feeling of plain decoration glass, making the glass process vivid sculpt, and then satisfy people’s pursuit to diversity and beauty. Note: when we choose the hot melting glass, we can accord the taste of ourselves, and we can also depend on the style of decoration to choose the color and pattern.
Product Name Fused Glass / Cast Glass Size 1830*2440mm,1220*2440mm, bespoke
Brand  LUCK GLASS Colour Clear, Bronze, Gray,etc
Thickness 8MM 10MM 12MM Place of Product Shahe City, Hebei rovince, China
Material   Low iron glass Modes of packing  Safety Plywood Crates
Temperable  Temperable  Pattern Bespoke pattern available;MOQ 1 Crate


 Factory sell best prices decorative corrugated cast fluted pattern glass sheets for partitions

1. Design is rich, satisfied people to decorate the pursuit of style diversity and aesthetic feeling

2. Rich and colorful pattern designs, the texture is of strong three.dimensional sense 

3. Good sound-absorbing effect
4. Easy to process: Tempering. laminating. drilling holes, hanc polishing. bending, notching and shape cuts.
5. Engineering Projects6. Flexible processing


1.Restaurants: Signage, booth dividers, doors, windows, decorative glass walls, tabletops, fountains, light sconces, vases 

and ornamental details.

2.Furniture:Contemporary designer furniture such as tables and fire screens  by Meltdown artists. Fabrication of custom 

commissioned furniture.

3. Commercial & hospitality: Glass curtain walls, fountains, doors, room dividers, tabletops, reception desks, glass mural

 walls and signage.

4. Residential:Sidelite and transom windows, tabletops, room dividers, privacy windows, works of art, bathroom and kitchen 

    countertops, sinks, and shower enclosures.

5. Liturgical:Church and chapel windows, room dividers, religious theme art screens, baptism bowls and religious art work.