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Luck Custom Jade Glass Stone Dining Table Top
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Luck Custom Jade Glass Stone Dining Table Top

1, Slap-up environmental protection building materials,without any radioactivity pollution,which founded in marble and granite. 2, Rich color, delicate texture, diversified varieties, nonopaque and opaque effects, can meet the different needs, suitable for decoration of all kinds of taste 3, Inorganic materials forging rather than organic chemical resin products, and therefore not aging, gloss permanent, never fade. 4, Not weathering and corrosion resistance performance is good, indoor and outdoor both can be used. 5, Do not absorb moisture, easy to clean, resistance to pollution.
Product Description

Product Option



  1. Size: 1200*2400mm, 1400*3000mm, can be cut as your request.

  2. Thickness:12mm-30mm, normal thickness is 20mm


Product Application

Jade glass application

1. Building exterior wall decoration: the whole curtain wall, dado wall, translucent stone walls, columns, etc.

2, Building interior decoration: high-grade interior wall buildings and public places, such as government buildings, airports, subway, station, hall, hotel, club house, office, etc.

3, ground floor, lower margin line decoration, translucent stone stairs, etc. 4. Home decoration: TV background, bathroom wall, kitchen wall, etc.

5.Furniture decoration: countertop, flat curved tea table, wine cabinet,bar decoration, etc.