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What material is best for house decoration?

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After COVID-19, many people realized the importance of health and had higher requirements for home safety.

So, how to create a healthy and comfortable home environment?

Key words : Scratch resistance, Easy to clean,Natural and pollution-free


01 "Abrasion resistance index is the most critical"

It is definitely the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, which are the most frequently used places in life. Wear resistance is the primary factor!



Tempered colored glazed glass has the typical polished texture of natural stone: flat, soft, dull and completely matt.

Wear-resistant and stain-resistant, load-bearing and pressure-resistant, and stable physical properties of the material can ensure that it will not be deformed in long-term use

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02 "Anti-dirt and stain-resistant care"

Children at home often use walls and desktops as drawing boards, but if there is a stain-resistant, easy-care, and affordable glass building material, why don't we choose?


Enamelled Tempered Glass, Matte finish with a thin layer of glaze that provides a subtle shine and a nice soft touch. Surface finish that results extremely easy to clean.



03 "Home should be healthy, furniture should be environmentally friendly"

It does not give off any substance that are harmful to the environment.Up to 52% of recycled content. 100% recyclable.

Stable and durable, rounded corner protection can avoid the bumps in daily use, the atmosphere and beautiful design, can also improve the office mood and bring a better office environment.

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Our enamelled glass is available in different finishes that give richness and value to the designs created with those surfaces: from rough textures with relief to shiny polished with linear reflections. A complete a repertoire to stimulate the sight and touch.

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