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Unidirectional Perspective Glass
A two way mirror, also known as a one way mirror,semi transparent mirror glass, is reflective from one side and transparent from the other. Two way mirrors are ideal for observation, privacy, infinity mirrors, and optical illusions. It is manufactured by baking the mirror coating on grey tinted glass. This results in a highly durable, waterproof coating that’s easily cleaned and can resist scratches.
In addition to two way mirrors, more transparent mirrors can be purchased from us for custom applications such as teleprompting, smart mirrors, and TV mirrors.
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Dichroic Glass-a glass with a magical color-changing effect
Dichroic glass has a magical color-changing effect. It can change colors from different angles and light. In the field of decorative glass, hotels, bars, dance halls, bathrooms, screens, floors, ceilings, cabinets and other decoration decorations can all use this kind of glass.
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[ LUCK GLASS ]Autumn new products listing——Jade glass
High-tech independent research and development product,like jade ,noble and elegance. Jade Glass Initiate in China,lead in the world.
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